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5 Tips for Renovating

5 Tips for Renovating

Renovating your home allows you to customise your home to your unique needs and tastes. You may be thinking of renovating your home and seeking the benefits, whether it be creating a more enjoyable space, reducing your energy costs or ultimately boosting your property’s value. This is your opportunity to create your dream home. However, knowing how to go about achieving your goals can be challenging and renovation does not come without its risks.

  1. Maintain Control Of Your Money

It is essential to have a budget, but more important is how you spend that money and manage your finances. There is a logical order in which renovation works should be undertaken and preparing a plan of action is a useful way of estimating the likely costs of your protect. Make sure to fix the price for a job.

  1. Have A Contingency Fund

Renovation projects are notorious for going over budget. This can be due to unexpected surprises resulting in more money being spent on the project. Ensure to have a reserve of money set aside to cover possible unforeseen future expenses. We recommend having a contingency of a minimum 10%.

  1. Find A Reliable Builder

A builder that is highly-recommended with a track record of reliability and good quality workmanship is worth his weight in gold.  We can provide excellent references and our portfolio speaks for itself.

  1. Don’t Compromise On The Services

Don’t compromise on the central heating, installation, the plumbing or the rewiring because of your overall concern for getting the space right. It is vital to get the services right first, getting any damp issues sorted and improving installation before starting on your renovation. By doing so you are spending on one of the most expensive things first, rather than last where compromises are more likely to occur.

  1. Communication Is Key

Communication is not only important to manage expectations with your builder but to also understand where you are in your project. What has been achieved? What is outstanding? What are the problems? This enables you to stay in control. By having a good relationship with your builder in a proactive and positive way you’ll keep their interest in the project. Good builders will communicate clearly with you however take the opportunity yourself to better manage your project.

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